Who do you want to see on ‘Sach ka Samna’?

After the can of worms that Vinod Kambli opened on “Sach ka Samna”, I have developed a craving for more.

These are the five guys that I want to see on the show

KPS Gill – After pinning him on the ropes with questions about Rupan Deol Bajaj, I want to move in for the kill with questions about the Beijing debacle and the time Jothikumaran got caught on TV selling an India cap for 2 lakhs.

Suresh Kalmadi – Will ask him about the time Sania Mirza’s mother was included in the Beijing contingent as a support official. Will ask him point blank if he had a thing for the mom or the daughter

Dilip Vengsarkar – Just want to ask him the reason why Ganguly was dropped from the national squad. He had promised to give a fitting reply after the Australia series but we are still waiting.

Lalit Modi – Did you actually dream of the IPL before the ICL was launched?

Ravi Shastri – Have you actually seen a tracer bullet race across a cricket field?

Who do you want to see and what questions do you have for them?


One comment on “Who do you want to see on ‘Sach ka Samna’?
  1. Sounds a bit retro in this era of smartphones and siocal media. However it is very much a method of storytelling and cultural transmission of memes (units of cultural information, ideas, stories, sayings,

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