Time for English football to change their naturalization policy ?

The Italians have had their Argentines – from Orsi in the 1934 World Cup to Mauro Camaronesi in 2010.

The Portuguese have their Brazilians – case in point being Deco and Pepe. Recently Liedson’s naturalization we expedited to fill a long standing need for a top striker

The French have almost the half of Africa – Algerians, Tunisians, Senegalese, Malians, Ivory Coast and parts of the Caribbean – Guadeloupe and Cape Verde. The likes of Lilian Thuram, Patrick Viera,Alou Diarra and Abou Diaby have all contributed to France’s footballing cause.

The Dutch have the Surinamese and lately some Moroccans as well. They have had the golden generation of Seedorf, Kluivert, Davids and Reizieger and before them they had Rijkaard and Gullit.

The Germans are miniature version of the United Nations. They have a Brazilian (Cacau), a Ghanaian ( Jerome Boateng), a Turk ( Oezil), a Tunisian ( Khedira) and a couple of Poles ( Klose and Podolski).

Even the Spaniards with their surfeit of midfield talent rode the brilliance of former Brazilian Marcos Senna on their way to Euro 2008 glory.

What do England have?





Still thinking





And do they have any pressing needs.

Yes they do.

A goalkeeper, a left sided attacking midfielder and a top class defensive midfielder

So why not pinch someone from South America or Africa ? And there are Finnish goalkeepers galore in the Premier League.

They just got an Italian manager. So what’s the harm in a few ‘naturalized’ players?

Especially when everyone else seems to be benefitting.


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