The Olympics prove that America needs to change its gun laws

First the facts

America is a sports mad country and extremely competitive at most sports. Even in a sport like football – a sport most citizens snigger at – they have now managed to reach a fairly decent level

A lot of Americans have guns and use it a fair bit. They have no shortage of ammunition or practise facilities – like Indian shooters do. Gun control is a major political issue.

Therefore we have established that the sport of shooting has a high participation level in a nation where sporting excellence is part of the DNA.

Now the Olympic fact

American shooters stink – India could beat the Americans any day.

Has there been lack of motivation

No. Historically the Americans and the Russians (or the Soviets) have always gone toe-to-toe in most major sports and a win over the cold war foe has been highly coveted in both nations. Look at basketball, volleyball, athletics, wrestling, boxing, skating, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, diving and many more.

Shooting is one sport where the Soviets have excelled and won a bagful of medals whereas the Americans have been horrible. So do you think the Americans would have lacked the motivation or the ambition to excel at shooting? Wouldn’t they have been totally driven to beat the old enemy?

But in spite of that they have stunk.

What does that prove?

The Americans are hopelessly bad with a gun in their hands – for all their motivation and all the participation in the sport.

So should so many Americans be allowed to roam free with a gun in their hands – When it’s a known fact that they are hopelessly bad at taking aim and in most likelihood will end up shooting the wrong target?

That’s some food for thought for the lawmakers in the US



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