The farce that is the Lalit Modi investigation

Shashi Tharoor has paid the price of the ‘sweat equity’ that was given to his friend Sunanda Pushkar. Only he would know if the price was high or low.

We expect other skeletons to come out of the closet soon – the ones relating to all the bids and auctions that have taken place in the IPL so far.

There is enough circumstantial evidence already and I am not ready to believe that the IPL is bereft of financial wrongdoings , especially on the part of its self-styled commissioner.

It is also obvious that a lot of people in the corridors of power ( of both cricket and politics) are not happy with Lalit Modi. They are hell-bent on exposing him.

The IT dept and other govt sleuths are on the job and they will soon get their hands on incriminating evidence that could nail Lalit Modi and a whole lot of other people ( that is if they do their job properly)

Whether this evidence will lead to something or not is an altogether different matter.

That depends on what the people in power ( the ones mentioned above) have in mind. Do they have the best interests of Indian cricket in mind? Are they doing all this so that the money generated from the IPL does not fall into the wrong hands?

Based on the history of similar cases in this country, I would say that the answer is a confirmed NO. Powerful people who commit big scams never get caught in India. Other powerful people see to it.

The powerful people orchestrating the investigation are simply pissed off because they haven’t got their share of the booty. Because nothing or probably too little of the IPL money has fallen into their hands.

The evidence that the sleuths will find will be used to corner Mr Modi to start sharing the riches.

It is expected that Mr Modi will give in after some negotiation on the profit sharing. After all, he also knows that it is in nobody’s interest that he gets caught and nobody gets any money – all of it getting used for the betterment of Indian cricket.

They could even pay a small fine as commission to the powers that be in the IT dept

Then all of a sudden matters will cool down and the IT sleuths will go back to catching normal middle class Indians.

Everyone will go home happy. Except for Mr Suresh Kalmadi.


Because he’s been too busy with the Commonwealth Games and missed out on all the IPL action. The action that is being played out in the boardrooms that is.


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