Sports Quiz – 22/10/14

sports_quiz_logo_5121Have been doing some sports quizzing with a bunch of my batch mates from college. Sharing some. of the questions. Go test your sports quotient.  And please don’t google. Answers are there in comments

Question 1) Who is the only Muslim cricketer to have taken the wicket of Donald Bradman?. He played for India and then became a selector in Pakistan after partition. His brother also player cricket for India.He played in India’s first test match

Question 2) Has Sachin Tendulkar played against two generations of the same family? If yes, who are the players?

Question 3) Apart from being sisters, what is common to Iqbal Bano, Shaukat and Naima?

Question 4) Question on football. This player was an Oriundi – An Argentinian who qualified to play for Italy because of his ancestry. He played for Juventus and his transfer fee was a world record at the time. River Plate used the transfer money to build a stand in his name at La Monumental. He won the Ballon d’Or once. Played for both Italy and Argentina.

Question 5) South American footballer who was nicknamed El Principe (The Prince). He played at Marseille and was an early role model for a young Zinedine Zidane. Zidane even named one his sons after him. He didn’t play for any of the top clubs in his country.

Question 6) India’s first Olympic men’s hockey team ended up having two captains. Name them both.

Question 7) This German footballer was signed by Real Madrid to counter the signing of Johan Cryuff by FC Barcelona. Two times German player of the year. Won the World Cup and European Cup with

Question 8) Which club fired the great Alex Ferguson?

Question 9) Which cricketer and coach was the only person who witnessed Lara’s 501 as well as Hanif Mohammed’s 499?

Q 10) Which father son pair is the only one to have played in the same international football match?

Credit to Souvik M, Unmesh Y, Swapnil, Anirban Paul, Vatsal, PDG, Sid Mukh and  Ranjan

One comment on “Sports Quiz – 22/10/14
  1. The answers are
    1) Syed Nazir Ali. His brother was Syed Wazir Ali
    2) Yes. He played against Geoff and Shaun Marsh
    3) They are all mothers of cricketers who have captained Pakistan. Their sons are Majid Khan, Imran Khan and Javed Burki.
    4) Omar Sivori
    5) Enzo Francescoli of Uruguay. Never played for Nacional or Penarol. Spent most of his time at Marseille and River Plate. Zidane’s son is called is Enzo.
    6) Jaipal Singh Munda and Eric Pinninger
    7) Gunter Netzer
    8) St’ Mirren
    9) Bob Woolmer. He was a coach on the ground when Lara got his runs and was present in Pakistan to see Hanif as his dad was posted there.
    10) Eidur Gjudjohnsen and his father Arnor

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