How to fine superstar athletes in a more effective manner

Sports leagues around the world try and ensure that the players participating in those leagues are model citizens. They often fine the players for improper conduct. Just yesterday, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA was fined a hundred thousand dollars for mouthing a gay slur against the referee, Bernie Adams.

That’s a lot of money – probably more than what the referee will make in a whole year.

But will it act as a deterrent for Kobe Bryant – and ensure that players and officials in the NBA will not be subjected to such taunts in the NBA?

I don’t think so.

It’s a mere drop in the ocean for a guy who makes more 25 million dollars from salary alone.

Will it make poor Bernie feel any better? Will it assuage his feelings?

Don’t think so, too.

So, why should the league get to pocket a hundred thousand when the punishment that it’s meted out isn’t effective enough?

Here’s an alternative.

Give some of that money to Bernie Adams.

Firstly, it’s not as unreasonable as you think. The ref could sue Kobe and make a lot more.

Secondly, it makes Bernie feel a lot better for sure.

Most importantly, it pisses Kobe Bryant.

And that surely is a more effective punishment.


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