A World Cup blockbuster movie in the making

Here’s the perfect script for a great world cup movie.

The story so far.

Ghana and Germany are in the same group at the World Cup.

Kevin-Prince Boateng decides to give up his German eligibility and play for Ghana, his father’s country.

In the FA Cup final, Boateng launches into a crunching tackle on Germany’s captain, Michael Ballack.

Ballack limps off and is ruled out of the World Cup. His absence handicaps Germany and improves Ghana’s chances.

Boateng goes on to miss a crucial penalty for Portsmouth and Ballack’s Chelsea secure a 1-0 win.

Has justice been served? Not completely. Boateng’s Ghana will still benefit from the challenge against Ballack’s Germany.

At the same time, Boateng’s half brother Jerome gets selected in the German World Cup squad.

German coach Loew backs Jerome and urges the fans not to target the defender.

This is where we move from fact to fiction. The rest of the story has been completed by yours truly . After all the movie needs a dramatic ending and there is no fun without some literary freedom.

Poor Jerome goes to the world cup and gets heckled by both sets of fans. Ghanaians deride him for choosing Germany and the Germans blame him for being Kevin-Prince’s brother.

Kevin plans to take advantage of his brother’s disturbed state and tries to make a covert deal with Jerome. He asks him to reveal Germany’s tactical plans as a means of getting even with the heckling German fans. He even makes a small speech on Germany’s racist history.

Poor Jerome gives in and lets Kevin in on the German team’s secrets. Armed with the secrets, the Ghanaians spring a surprise on the Germans( already disadvantaged without their captain) and take the lead.

At half –time some of the German players are so infuriated that they start abusing Jerome. But Joachim Loew steps in to protect him once again.

This opens Jerome’s eyes. He cannot bear to be responsible for the downfall of the man who has been standing up for him time and time again. He confesses to Loew and begs for a chance to make amends.

Loew is incensed but still forgives Jerome. He sends him on with ten minutes left and the Ghanaians still leading.

Jerome is left unmarked at a corner with Kevin-Prince and his team believing that he is on their side. Jerome takes advantage and scores. The Ghanaians are shell-shocked. Germany sense the opportunity and quickly score another one and win the match.

Now justice is fully and truly served. Kevin-Prince has his full dose of bad karma.

The movie ends with Loew and Jerome in a tight embrace.

The cast

Matt Damon plays Michael Ballack.

Jamie Foxx plays Kevin-Prince.

Will Smith plays Jerome.

And Kevin Costner plays Joachim Loew. He is hollywood’s best sports movie actor and we had to fit him somewhere.


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