Fighting for the Kho Kho job

Whatever the likes of Suresh Kalmadi and others of his ilk have to say about the transparent manner in which they run the sports federations, we all know why these guys never want to stop their selfless work for the good of sports in this country. It’s the small matter of power, prestige, kickbacks , foreign junkets, nepotism and the opportunity to hog the limelight and the dais if a sportsperson from their sport brings glory to India ( in spite of the federations best efforts to stop him from doing so).

But there is one name whose presence in the lifetime presidents list which belies all logic.

Ashoke Ghosh of the Kho Kho federation

Can’t understand what this gentleman has to gain from being the lifetime president of the Kho Kho federation

This sport has no equipment ( all it needs is two small poles). So no opportunity for making money through tenders.

The team doesn’t play in any international tournaments ( unlike Kabbaddi which has international tournaments). So no foreign trips and no felicitation ceremonies.

As for power and nepotism, I don’t think any undeserving kin of politicians, administrators or bureaucrats are trying to join any kho kho teams.

There are no sponsorship or TV deals.

Kho Kho is not even part of the CWG. So they haven’t been given a budget to supposedly improve their players for the 2010 games.

And unlike their counterparts in the boxing federation, the female kho kho players haven’t been used to serve tea or serve some other carnal desires of the federation members. And if they have, then it’s not been considered important enough to be reported by the media. Another reason why it is difficult to understand Mr Ghosh’s unflinching hold on the president’s post.

I am surprised Kalmadi even bothered calling him for the meeting of the federation heads. In fact, the news reports on this meeting are the only results which you get if you Google Ashoke Ghosh and Kho Kho.

Ashoke Ghosh should thank M S Gill that his decision to cap tenures has finally made him Google worthy.

Couldn’t even find what he does when he is not presiding over the Kho Kho federation ( or is he a professional president ?)

Kho means to chase.

I really cant understand what Mr Ghosh is Kho-ing.


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